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Surely you have ever needed your bot ID to configure your chatbot with external systems. In this post we help you find it in Chatfuel, ManyChat and SilferBots.
Learn how to find your Bot ID in Chatfuel
Learn how to find your Bot ID on ManyChat
Aprende a encontrar tu Bot ID en Chatrace (ex SilferBots)


Bot ID

You can find your BOT ID by opening your bot in Chatfuel and look at the URL just after bot / comes a code that ends just before the next slash /


Bot ID

You can find your BOT ID by opening your bot in ManyChat in the DASHBOARD section. You will see that under the name of your bot it says Account ID, that is your Bot ID. You can also find it in the URL just after / and before the next slash /

Chatrace (ex SilferBots)

Bot ID

Puedes encontrar tu BOT ID al abrir tu bot en Chatrace (ex Silferbots) en la sección DASHBOARD. Verás la dirección del bot al lado de Bot Link. la parte que viene después de / es tu Bot ID. También lo puedes encontrar en la URL justo después de page_id=

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Descarga EventBOT para ChatFuel, ManyChat o Chatrace (ex SilFerBots)

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