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Lesson 1

Welcome Botifyer to this free course to learn how to make chatbots with the Chatfuel tool.

In this video I show you part of what we will see in the course. Happy to have you here, let's get started!

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Lesson 2
Initial setup

In this lesson I explain: How to configure Chatfuel to start creating chatbots We will see everything you need to know to log in to Chatfuel, configure your Facebook page, define menus and sub menus and time zone. With which you can start creating chatbots for Messenger.

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Lesson 3
Welcome Message and Default Answer

In this lesson I explain what is the Welcome Message and the Default Answer? which are two "default" options provided by Chatfuel and will be the first thing you must configure.

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Lesson 4
Groups and Blocks

In this lesson you will learn what are groups and blocks in Chatfuel? How to use them? and the different options you have to work with these two tools. You will learn to dynamize blocks, clone them, generate links to blocks and we will see a brushstroke of the Go To Block option, which we will delve into in another lesson of the course.

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Lesson 5
Texts, Images and Typing

In this lesson from our tutorial, you will learn the features of the Text, Image and Typing or Typing tools. We will integrate emojis and we will see the different sizes of images and their visualization in Messenger.

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Lesson 6
Galleries and Lists

In this lesson you will learn the characteristics of the tools and plugins of galleries and lists. We will see its different options, image sizes, possibilities and we will make a comparison between both tools.

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Lesson 7
Video and Audio

In this lesson you will learn how to integrate video and audio into your chatbots created with Chatfuel. We will see what are its restrictions and some TIPs that will help you implement this type of plugins.

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Lesson 8
Go to Block & User Attribute

In this lesson you will learn how to integrate the GO TO BLOCK and USER ATTRIBUTE plugins, which will allow you to dynamize your bot, saving values as variables, use conditionals and we will see how to dynamize your Default Answer so that your chatbot can respond in a more humane way when it does not understand something. . This is an unmissable lesson if you want to start developing more sophisticated chatbots.

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Lesson 9
ChatFuel Artificial Intelligence

In this chatbots tutorial developed with chatfuel, I show you how to use the Artificial Intelligence tool with the Set Up AI section.

You will learn to distribute and organize AI through groups, to recognize emojis and Facebook hands up, to redirect blocks with text rules and various tips on how to enhance Artificial Intelligence in Chatfuel.

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Lesson 10
Sequences and Broadcast

In this lesson you will see what they are and how to use the SEQUENCES IN CHATFUEL. You will also learn how to use BROADCAST to send mass mailings to your subscribers.

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Lesson 11

In this unit you will learn how to use Chatfuel's JSON API with your app. We will see two cases: How to internationalize my chatbot? How to terrorize my chatbot? We will analyze a PHP file and see how to build a JSON to be used with chatfuel.

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