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What is EventBOT?

“Creamos EventBOT como un Chatbot para automatizar eventos online y reenganchar con la audiencia fácilmente, basado en Facebook Messenger que puedes integrar a tu actual Chatbot de Chatfuel o Chatrace.”

Cristian SepulvedaBotifica CEO

Chatbot for event audience management

Interact and re-engage with your online audience using a Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence from Facebook Messenger and DialogFlow on the biggest Chatbot platforms: Chatfuel, ManyChat and Chatrace (ex SilFerBots).

Start Now using EventBOT in 🇪🇸 Spanish or 🇬🇧 English, totally free if you do things like:

  • Youtube, Twitch or Facebook Lives
  • Live broadcasts
  • Podcast
  • Webinars
  • Elearning

Why EventBOT?

1-click registration

You do not need to request email, the entire experience takes place within Messenger, so registration is with 1 click.

Easy to use backend

Manage the contents of your chatbot easily and intuitively.

Audience analytics

Tools that allow you to know your audience, see how they interact or whether or not they attend an event.

Reengage your audience

Re-engage with your audience by inviting them to new events.

Where can I use EventBOT?

Here are some of the many applications of EventBOT

Share and promote your Events

Included in all EventBOT plans, the tool to create direct links will allow you to share and promote your event on Social Networks, Ads, Email, WhatsApp, Website or wherever you want!

The link opens a Messenger conversation between the user and your Chatbot, where they will be shown the details of the event, options to register, receive a notice just before the event begins, see other future or past events and much more.

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on Messenger and Facebook

Notify your audience with Messenger or Facebook just before starting your event.

The user can receive 2 notifications, the first to remind them that the event will start soon and the second just before it begins, which includes a link to enter the online event.

1-click registration

without email 📭

With just 1 click the user is registered for your event without the need to request an email or fill out a form.

Now you can say goodbye to notifications, invitations and registrations with email for your Events. With EventBOT all communication is through Messenger including registration with 1 single click!

How to start?

Download EventBOT

Lo primero que debes hacer es descargar EventBOT. Al descargarlo se abrirá tu plataforma de Chatbots con una copia de EventBOT en tu dashboard en el caso de Chatfuel o como plantilla en los casos de ManyChat y Chatrace. Revisa el bloque/flujo llamado ?? README FIRST si tienes dudas.

Free download

Install it on your Chatbot platform

Si ya tienes un Chatbot, entonces necesitas utilizar EventBOT como un Plugin. Simplemente copia el Grupo EVENTBOT PLUGIN ? en Chatfuel a tu actual Chatbot desde la copia de EventBOT que acabas de descargar o Instala el template en Chatrace.  Si no tienes un Chatbot, entonces no necesitas hacer nada, usa tu copia de EventBOT como un Chatbot. Puedes incluso personalizar tu Welcome Message ?

Connect it to your Facebook page

If you use EventBOT as a Plugin (you already had a Chatbot) you can skip this step. If EventBOT will be your chatbot for events, then don't forget to connect it to your Facebook page.

Create account and login to EventBOT

Once you have all of the above OK, you must create your EventBOT account. When entering for the first time, the system will take you to the initial configuration page, where you will be asked for the chatbot BOT ID and TOKEN and other details to finish configuring your BOT.

How to use EventBOT?

Create an event

Define title, image, descriptions, date and time, host and guests for your event.

Share the event

Use the share tool to generate a URL to share or promote your event on social networks, email, WhatsApp, website or wherever you want.

Engage users on Messenger

The user accesses your chatbot and sees the details of the event. You can also check other future or past events that you may be interested in.

The user registers and receives notifications

The user can register for your event and then receive notifications when the event is about to start.

Plans and Prices

per month, in USD$

100 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
10 Hosts
20 Guests
500 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
20 Hosts
40 Guests
30 días de prueba
1000 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
30 Hosts
60 Guests
30 días de prueba
5000 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
Unlimited hosts
Unlimited guests
15 days trial
10000 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
Unlimited hosts
Unlimited guests
Live interactions (soon)
5 days trial

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