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Meet EventBOT for Live Podcast

"Hi, I want to introduce you to EventBOT for Live Podcast!
What if I told you that with EventBOT you can register and then notify your audience just before starting your Podcast, all fully automated by a Messenger Chatbot?
Forget about email, that was in the past, with Messenger you can keep your audience much more engage.”

Cristian SepulvedaBotifica CEO

Live Podcast 🎙

Podbean, Mixlr, Vplayed, Ustudio and more

Notify your podcast live audience with Messenger and EventBOT.

Don't lose audience for your live broadcasts. With EventBOT your audience is notified just before starting your Live Podcast.

Share and promote your Podcast

Included in all EventBOT plans, the tool to create direct links will allow you to share and promote your Podcast in Social Networks, Ads, Email, WhatsApp, Website or wherever you want!

The link opens a Messenger conversation between the user and your Chatbot, where they will be shown the details of the Podcast, options to register, receive a notice just before the event begins, see other future or past events and much more.

1-click registration

without email 📭

With just 1 click the user is registered for your event without the need to request an email or fill out a form.

You can say goodbye to email notifications, invitations or registrations for your Podcasts. With EventBOT all communication is through Messenger including registration with 1 single click!


on Messenger and Facebook

Notify your audience on Messenger and Facebook just before starting your Podcast.

The user can receive 2 notifications, the first to remind them that the event will start soon and the second just before the event, with a link to access the Podcast.

Audience Analytics

Find out who received notifications and who listened to your podcast.
  • Who received notifications
  • Who listened to your Podcast

Start now

Start using EventBOT with your YouTube or Twitch channel or any live streaming platform.

Plans and Prices

per month, in USD$

100 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
10 Hosts
20 Guests
500 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
20 Hosts
40 Guests
30 días de prueba
1000 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
30 Hosts
60 Guests
30 días de prueba
5000 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
Unlimited hosts
Unlimited guests
15 days trial
10000 Subscribers
Timed notifications
Audience Tool
Unlimited hosts
Unlimited guests
Live interactions (soon)
5 days trial

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